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The Estee Lauder Companies wins National BCO Award for Fitzroy Place

Author: AshbyCapital |

Estée Lauder Companies compacted five London offices into this single new central Headquarters building at One Fitzroy, 6 Mortimer Street, London

Estée Lauder compacted five London offices into this single new central Headquarters building. This fit out was more than cosmetic, it achieved the impressive feat of moulding the 25 brands into one corporate workplace whilst retaining their individual identity. The new headquarters is centred around family, home and community to support collaboration, agility, creativity and innovation. The open and flexible environment the team has created will also help the beauty products giant attract and retain talent.

Visitors will be made up from the moment they enter the building and are met by the sophisticated reception in the style of a contemporary boutique hotel lobby creating the Estée Lauder backdrop against which the brands can express themselves. The spectacle continues through to the dramatic central atrium and the statement internal suspended spiral staircase which provides an eye-catching connection to ground, first and second floors and gives access to the cafes, social space and shop. Health and wellbeing facilities are at lower ground whilst the top floor houses presentation areas, the bar and event space. Staff benefit from an in-office salon and private make-up shop.

Set over the 10 floors, each of the individual brands shine through and project their own identity within the business with their bespoke ‘brand hubs’ giving each ‘a range of free expression’. The modern technology utilised, which allows key areas to be rebranded at the touch of a button, is most impressive. The office floors offer healthy levels of natural daylight and can be adapted to suit different working patterns as required. The agile workplaces encourage collaboration and have improved levels of productivity.

It its clear the close collaboration between the designers and client was instrumental in applying the foundation for this successful outcome, with the beneficiaries being the users and visitors to the building. This inspirational, open and flexible workplace is ideally suited for the Estée Lauder family and will help the business to innovate and collaborate.

The success with which the team have provided one home for the various companies, which still allows them to showcase their separate identities, together with the clever use of technology to re-brand flexible spaces is exemplary.