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The JJ Mack Building

Building story

A building is more than one thing and The JJ Mack Building embodies this perfectly. Blending its history as an iconic corner fruit and veg store - J.J Mack & Sons - with its contemporary status as one of London’s smartest and most sustainable workplaces, it’s a building that stands up to the rigours of its time.

Key info
Location: Farringdon, London
Size: 200,000 sq ft of workspace, 9,173 sq ft of terrace space
No. of Occupiers: 3
BREEAM: Outstanding (the highest rated building in the UK)
Architects: Lifschutz Davidson Sandilands
Award: Winner OAS - City new build - 2023

At the heart of one of London’s most creative and best-connected districts, sits The JJ Mack Building, one of the city’s smartest and sustainable office spaces only 150 metres from the Farringdon Elizabeth Line station. A market-leader in its approach to both ESG and occupational wellness - being the highest BREEAM rated building in the UK - JJ Mack epitomises our approach to delivering world-class commercial spaces.   



Perhaps the most inimitable aspects of The JJ Mack are its uninterrupted views over the City of London from both inside the building and its three expansive terraces. Packed with smart tech features and outstanding tenant amenities, a wealth of hidden and intelligent engineering ensures the wellbeing of occupants and the building's smooth running.

Environmentally Aware

The JJ Mack is designed to use 52% less energy than a typical building. It features a biodiverse green roof home to two bee colonies and 144 photo voltaic panels off-setting on-site power consumption. Connected to the Citigen district heating network will result in a steep drop in emission levels, whilst a smart water management and recycling system - linked to real-time weather data - processes seven cubic metres of reclaimed water a day.

Technologically Advanced

All the building’s systems are modelled in a highly detailed ‘digital twin’ allowing monitoring and control at three levels of usage; building management, tenant and individual. This sophisticated operating system allows the whole building performance to be tailored precisely to the needs of each occupant whilst also facilitating a highly sustainable operation. 

Part of the Neighbourhood

Standing proudly at what was once the gateway to Smithfield Market, The JJ Mack occupies a prime position directly opposite the new Museum of London. A major once-in-a-generation reimagining opening in 2026, the museum inhabits Smithfield’s shell. A conservation area packed with bars, restaurants and hidden gems, this is a location brimming with charisma and charm.

Steeped in History

Named to honour the site’s history as a centre of market trading, The JJ Mack evokes the story of the Macks, a multi-generational family of Farringdon fruit and veg sellers whose eponymous store once stood in its place. Just like JJ Mack who expanded from a street barrow to a coveted corner store, the building continues on its legacy as a Smithfield icon.

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