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Transforming places and spaces across London to create world-class assets.

Who we are


We take a 360° approach. Our work begins and ends with people, seeking to improve their comfort, convenience and productivity at work by ensuring our buildings have the latest smart technologies, best-in-class sustainability and innovative interiors that support the working day.

The Ashby Approach


The world of work is changing. We take office space to its next level, creating commercially sustainable assets for our investors and best-in-class buildings fit for today’s working professionals.

Our team

Change-makers, team players and fresh-thinkers, our people make our company.

In good company

Our buildings are occupied by the world’s leading brands and businesses.


Installations to inspire

We commission bespoke works of art for each of our buildings to be enjoyed by all. Works often allude to a building’s history, an aspect of its use or a method of construction such as The Kensington Building’s Sphere 14 by Lesley Hilling which repurposes objects. Whilst they may vary in form and interpretation, they all share an ability to uplift and inspire those who pass by.

200 Aldersgate: Neon Target by Rob and Nick Carter

Fitzroy Place: The One and The Many by Peter Randall-Page

The JJ Mack Building: Language of Colour by Rob and Nick Carter

The Colmore Building: Yellow Mandela by Jonathan Huxley

One Bartholomew: Lightwork (a barcode that spells One Bartholomew)

The Avenue: Commonplace (lightwork) by Lilah Fowler

The Kensington Building: Sphere 14 by Lesley Hilling


Aspects of Ashby

See our work brought to life in this collection of films that showcase all of our aspects, from building highlights to the concepts that shape not only our portfolio, but our everyday.

The Kensington Building: Sphere 14 by Lesley Hilling

The Future Works: The future starts here

Ashby: Sustainability Hub

The Kensington Building: Lifestyle and building

Smart Tech App

The Future Works: Plus X Innovation Trailblazers Awards

Ashby: 10 Years