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AshbyCapital and Plus X Innovation win Deal of the Year award

Author: AshbyCapital |

Plus X Innovation creates innovation hubs that drive positive socio-economic change and support entrepreneurial growth across the UK.

In Slough, Plus X Innovation partnered with real estate firm AshbyCapital to create an innovation hub at The Future Works, a 100,000 sq ft office development in the centre of Slough which opened its doors in November 2023. The pioneering agreement with AshbyCapital embedded Plus X Innovation’s ESG values into its DNA, prioritising design excellence, sustainability and positive social impact.

At The Future Works, Plus X Innovation actively collaborates with local business and community groups, local and national government and educational institutions to host community events and deliver innovation programmes to ambitious businesses. Reflecting the Plus X Innovation mission to be an integral part of the local community, the space is not only run by local staff but offers work experience to local students and free space to local charities and not-for-profit organisations.

Slough is a location for which this kind of development is particularly powerful, ranking 5th in the UK for its business start-up rate, but being one of the lowest ranked cities for internet speed and Wi-Fi. The Future Works therefore represents a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs to overcome barrier to growth, and to collaborate in a space specifically designed for the purpose.

In recognition of this work, Plus X Innovation was awarded ‘Deal of the Year’ at the Property Week Awards last Wednesday. Commenting on this achievement, Paul Rostas, Co-CEO at Plus X Innovation said: “Plus X Innovation Slough is a shining example of how real estate, operators, academia, corporates, and local government can collaborate to deliver thriving and profitable spaces that also stimulate economic growth. The recognition that this award brings not only highlights the impact of our innovation hubs but also underscores the importance of fostering collaborative environments where businesses of all sizes can prosper. We are proud to offer an inclusive and accessible space for all and remove barriers to innovation.”

The judges at the Property Week Awards said the following about Plus X Innovation’s activities in Slough: “They showed significant strategic and bold decision-making. Innovation and collaboration are at the heart of their business, bringing together a community of entrepreneurs [and] local government all working together.”

This deal contributes to Slough’s ongoing regeneration on multiple levels and redefines what is possible from a flexible workspace offering in an office development. Our partnership with Plus X Innovation brings together partners from education, government, the local business community and major businesses to support local entrepreneurs and is a fantastic part of the virtuous circle of regeneration, innovation, and employment that we are facilitating in Slough. The Future Works has won multiple awards for sustainability, air quality and technical innovation, and this partnership shows our forward thinking is not limited to the way our buildings are constructed, but extends to creating regeneration and job opportunities that benefit the local economy.

Tom Smithers, Property Director at AshbyCapital