On this week’s Tech Talk Radio, EG tech and global reporter Lucy Alderson sat down with AshbyCapital property director Tom Smithers and Smart Spaces chief executive Dan Drogman to talk about Slough’s first smart building: The Future Works.

The Future Works is a 100,000sq ft office scheme, and part of a wider £200m investment into Slough to create a total of 350,000sq ft of new office accommodation. The Future Works has used Smart Spaces technology to becomes Slough’s first smart office building, and Smithers talks about how the company believes tech like this is critical to futureproofing the office.

It’s also been a busy year for Drogman, who has seen a 400% increase in demand for smart building technology compared to the year before. He talks about how Covid has played a role in accelerating this demand and what the challenges for the offices sector are.