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Forecast for 2021: looking ahead with hope
12 January 2021

Forecast for 2021: looking ahead with hope

By Peter Ferrari Peter Ferrari

After a tumultuous 2020, property’s leading figures share their hopes and expectations for 2021 as the year gets off to a rocky start with yet another lockdown.

My hope is for the smooth rollout of vaccines, enabling a return to normal and helping the economy to recover.

Video conferencing has been great for keeping people in touch but it is a poor substitute for in-person meetings, brainstorming ideas with colleagues, or having a meal or drinks together.

Assuming we can conquer Covid-19, I expect to see property markets start to recover. On the offices front, we’re likely to see developers adapting their offer to reflect increased flexible working practices and the subtly changing priorities of occupiers.

Tech-enabled spaces and healthy buildings offering good air quality, for example, will command a premium. I expect growing demand for these higher quality offerings, while secondary spaces may struggle.