About Us

We are a close-knit team of experienced individuals with a deep understanding of the property market and impressive connections. We seek out the best real estate opportunities and work together with some of the industry’s most respected companies to create high-quality properties and maximise the value of our assets. We take a long-term approach and make well-considered decisions, but are nimble enough to act quickly to secure the best opportunities.
We were set up in 2013 by Peter Ferrari, who has over 30 years’ experience in the property industry, with a mandate to invest £1.5 billion in the UK property market on behalf of our group investment company. We have subsequently become one of the industry’s most active players, with a growing portfolio of assets in various sectors and selected locations across the UK.
We actively seek out opportunities across a range of sectors and locations. We add value through development, enhancement and pro-active asset management. Focusing on quality, we look to acquire the best properties in locations that we believe have considerable potential for sustained future growth.

Providing best in class facilities

With attracting and retaining the best talent an increasingly important focus for businesses of all sizes and types, employee wellbeing is a growing priority. Working is no longer about sitting at a desk all day: when technology and an international approach to business mean the worlds of work and home often converge, flexibility is key. From gyms, treatment rooms and cycling facilities to cafés and communal spaces, we incorporate best-in-class facilities to make staff happier and more productive. After all, when people feel better, they work better.

The Team

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