At the beginning of a new year and decade, property’s leading lights reveal their hopes, expectations and resolutions for 2020;

Peter Ferrari

Chief executive, AshbyCapital

I hope we return to a more stable business environment and start to see growing confidence from occupiers and developers, leading to more activity in terms of lettings and new innovative schemes being brought forward.

I also hope to see the government delivering on its promise to invest in the UK’s infrastructure, which will be vital to our future prosperity.

I expect a rise in consumer confidence, with retail sales increasing. The way people shop will continue to evolve, creating challenges and opportunities: the convergence of online and physical retail will continue, but additional factors, such as the growing importance of sustainability, will also start to have a stronger influence on what we buy, how we buy it and where we buy it from.

One of the most significant opportunities for investors will be reworking retail portfolios, repurposing assets and redefining retail concepts, and there will be winners and losers.

As Crossrail moves closer to completion, it’s likely we’ll see growing interest from occupiers and investors in areas set to benefit from this major new line.

Resolutions: To grasp the opportunities that should emerge now we have a government that can provide more stability. We aim to do that by being positive, focusing on quality and the end user’s experience and continuing to seek out and work with the best partners.